University of Saint Mary Offering New MA Teaching Specializations

The University of Saint Mary in Minnesota announced last month that it is adding three new specializations for their online Master of Arts in Teaching, which does not require GRE scores. Students who wish to earn their Master of Arts online in teaching now can choose from English as a Second Language, Teacher Leadership or Learning Technologies.

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This online Master of Arts in Teaching is accredited by the NCATE, the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, and the university also is regionally accredited. This online MAT is a highly cost effective degree choice, when you compare it to other programs. Also, students are able to take classes in such a way that meets their busy schedule.

According to the program chair for the MAT program, Gwen Landever, there is no better way to gain the knowledge and skills needed to teach than through this online MA. The new specializations allow teachers to customize the degree to suit their career goals. Also, the program can be finished in less than 20 months. And courses that you take for the program count towards continuing education requirements.

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The question every new student wants to know is “will I fit in?” At the University of Saint Mary, we think you’ll fit in perfectly. See for yourself.

In addition to the three new specializations, the format of the no-GRE master’s program has changed. Classes now are eight weeks long and students do not have to stay with their original cohort. Students still may graduate in under 20 months, and they can apply immediately what they learn in class to their classrooms where they teach.

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The curriculum is a total of 30 credit hours, with three credits per class. You will learn:

  • How to meet the complex needs of students with different learning styles

  • How to use curriculum design, instructional models and strategies most effectively

  • New technology to improve learning outcomes

  • New methods to better evaluate and monitor learning goals

Core classes required for graduation are as follows:

  • Action Research in Effective Classroom Environments

  • 21st Century Teaching and Learning Strategies

  • Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners

  • Curriculum Design and Differentiation

  • Learning Technologies for Educators

  • Research Based Assessment

  • Reflective Practices

This new online graduate degree, one of many expanded online offerings at colleges around the country, offers you convenient new ways to expand your teaching skills, and is worth the consideration of teaching professionals around the country.