50+ Best Scholarships for Graduate School Students

The financial burden of graduate school is often the primary obstacle between a student and a graduate degree in their field. These scholarships and grants are designed to help lessen the financial burden for students pursuing a graduate degree and many require only submission of a thesis, dissertation, research project, or paper already completed during your graduate studies.

In addition to these scholarships, there are hundreds more scholarships available to students who attend a specific university that are not on this list. Check with your financial aid department to find out if you qualify for any in-house scholarships or grants.

>$10,000 Scholarships

  1. Rotch Travelling Scholarship – This generous $37,000 scholarship is available for a graduate Architecture student travelling abroad to study architecture for a minimum of eight months. The award money is to be used for travelling expenses.
  2. OREF Clinical Research Award – Graduate students who have conducted “outstanding medical research” on topics related to musculoskeletal injury or disease are eligible to apply for this one-time $20,000 scholarship sponsored by the Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation.
  3. Collegiate Inventors Competition for Graduate Students – This prize is awarded to a graduate student/student advisor team who create a problem-solving invention that can be patented. The winning student receives $15,000 and the respective advisor wins $3,000. The deadline is March 16th.
  4. Daniel B. Goldberg Scholarship – Graduate students in a degree program preparing them for a career in local or state government finance are eligible to apply for this generous $12,000 scholarship. The Girard Miller Foundation sponsors this scholarship.

$10,000 Scholarships

  1. Peter Weitz Prize – This award is issued by the German Marshall Fund of the United States to a graduate journalism student who has shown excellence in the coverage of European issues in an American publication. Applications must be received by February 16th annually.
  2. “From Failure to Promise” Essay Contest – Graduate students are eligible to apply for this $10,000 scholarship by submitting a 1,500-word essay addressing the book From Failure to Promise – 360 Degrees. The deadline to apply is July 31st.
  3. Medard W. Welch Award – Sponsored by The American Vacuum Society (AVS), this scholarship honors graduate students studying physical or applied sciences, technology, or engineering who have done excellent work in a field of interest to the AVS.
  4. John A. Thornton Memorial Award and Lecture – This $10,000 AVS scholarship is awarded to a science or technology graduate student who has achieved outstanding technological innovation or research. Applicants must be full time graduate students who are US citizens.

$6,000 – $7,000 Scholarships

  1. Government Finance Professional Development Scholarship – Part-time graduate students who are interested in government finance, either at the state or local level, are eligible to apply for this $7,000 scholarship to help cover tuition and fees.
  2. American Association of University Women Community Action Grants – Graduate students who have developed or plan to develop programs to promote equality and education for girls and women may apply for this grant, ranging from $2,000 – $7,000 in benefit. The annual deadline to apply is January 15th.
  3. Frank L. Greathouse Government Accounting Scholarship – Two awards of $7,000 are given to undergraduate Juniors or Seniors or graduate students preparing for a finance position in state or local government.
  4. Minorities in Government Finance Scholarship – Available to minority students pursuing a graduate or undergraduate degree in accounting, finance, business administration, economics, or political science with a focus on government or non-profit positions, the Minorities in Government Finance Scholarship awards $7,000 to one winner annually.
  5. Peter Mark Memorial Award – This significant $6,500 scholarship is awarded to a young scientist (must be 35 years old or less at time of application) who has conducted outstanding experimental or theoretical work. The annual deadline is March 16th.
  6. Gaede-Langmuir Award – Scientists working toward new discoveries of interest to the American Vacuum Society are eligible to apply for this biennial scholarship in the amount of $6,500. The deadline to apply is March 31st.

$5,000 Scholarships

  1. Albert Nerken Award – Awarded to graduate students who have solved or made contribution to the solution of a complex technical problem, this scholarship pays out annually with a March 31st application deadline.
  2. National Academic Advising Association Research Grant – This grant is designed to support students in research for their dissertation. Students studying academic advising at the graduate level are eligible to apply with a continuous deadline in place.

$3,000 – $4,000 Scholarships

  1. Purdue Pharma, LP Excellence in Pain Management Award – The ONS Foundation offers this significant $4,000 award to a nurse studying for a graduate degree who has made significant contributions to patient education, nursing research, or clinic practice related to oncology pain management.
  2. CreditRepair.com Scholarship – Graduate student are eligible to submit an essay addressing how your credit score affects your future success in a minimum of 800 words. The deadline to apply is February 15th and applicants must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher to apply. YouTube video submissions are encouraged.
  3. Meniscus Limited Multidisciplinary Education and Practice Career Development Award – Nurses in a graduate program are eligible to apply for this $3,000 scholarship, awarded to nurses who have improved the care of a cancer patient by involving multidisciplinary members of the healthcare team. The deadline to apply is December 1st.

$2,500 Scholarships

  1. Upjohn Institute Dissertation Award – This award, sponsored by the W. E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, rewards one winner and two honorable mentions ($1,000 for honorable mentions) based on their Ph.D. dissertation on employment related issues.
  2. New Orleans Chapter End-Of-Life Care Nursing Career Development Award – Nurses attending graduate school who have provided primarily end of life care for a minimum of one year may apply for this one-time scholarship by December 1st.

$2,000 Scholarships

  1. Biotech Excellence in Cancer Nursing Research AwardThis one-time award is designed to reward and support research that is likely to contribute significantly to the nursing body of knowledge.
  2. Robert C. Watson Competition – This writing competition, sponsored by the American Intellectual Property Law Association, awards a $2,000 scholarship to the author of the best essay discussing the protection of intellectual property. The deadline is June 30th.
  3. International Award for Contribution to Cancer Care – This $2,000 scholarship is awarded to a nurse who has made contributions to cancer care in a country outside of the United States through his or her role in research, clinical care, administration, or education.  The deadline is July 16th.
  4. Mara Mogensen Flaherty Memorial Lectureship Award – $2,000 and an all expense paid trip will be awarded to the health care professional selected to present the lecture at the ONS Annual Congress.
  5. CLAGS Fellowship Award – This annual scholarship is awarded to a graduate student who has made significant contributions to LGBTQ studies and can be used to further their research or work in the LGBTQ community.

$1,500 Scholarships

  1. William F. Miller, MD, Postgraduate Education Recognition Award – Sponsored by the American Respiratory Care Foundation, this scholarship is available to respiratory care practitioners who are seeking a higher degree. Students must be accepted into their advanced degree program and the deadline to apply in June 1st.
  2. Proquest Doctoral Dissertation Award – Information sciences or computer science graduate students who have completed an excellent dissertation in the last twelve months are eligible to apply for and win this scholarship.
  3. Excellence in Nursing Informatics Award – This $1,500 awarded provided by the ONS Foundation rewards a nurse also attending graduate school for excellence in nursing informatics that has improved care for oncology patients. Applications must be received by August 15th.
  4. Graduate Leaders Academic Scholarship for 2017-2018 – Offered by Nogre.com

$1,000 Scholarships

  1. Dale J. Benos Early Career Professional Service Award – Graduate students who are active members of the American Physiological Society in good standing and who have made contributions to physiology are eligible to apply for this annual scholarship with a January 24th deadline.
  2. Neumeier Family Leadership Award – Florida or Georgia graduate students in good academic standing who are pursuing a degree in public relations are eligible to apply for this $1,000 award offered by the Public Relations Student Society of America.
  3. Look Twice, Save a Life Scholarship – Graduate students who have created social awareness of motorcycle safety are eligible to apply for and receive this $1,000 scholarship.
  4. Lou Hochberg Thesis and Dissertation Awards – Students of a graduate program in Social Sciences are eligible to submit their accepted and approved thesis on the sociological discoveries made by Wilhelm Reich. Theses may be submitted any time throughout the year.
  5. Chester Berger Scholarship for Excellence in Public Relations – Graduate journalism or public relations students can apply for this scholarship by submitting a 1,000 word essay, a letter of recommendation, a resume, and a scholarship application by June 12th.
  6. Albert J. Beveridge Grant for Research in the History of the Western Hemisphere – Members of the American Historical Association who are working toward a graduate degree are welcome to apply for this modest scholarship. Those who need funding for further research will be granted preference. Applications should be submitted by February 15th.
  7. Mildred Berry Garvin Prize – Teachers or other educational professionals in New Jersey may be nominated for this award by their schools. The winner will have demonstrated commitment to teaching African American history to grades K through twelve.
  8. Michael Kraus Research Grant in American Colonial History – Graduate students studying history or American studies may submit a proposal regarding a research project to receive this $1,000 grant. Grant monies should be used to complete research or travel in the name of historical research.
  9. Publishing Excellence/Susan Baird Excellence in Clinical Writing Award – Two winners will be selected to receive this award in recognition of excellence in oncology writing. Applicants must be graduate students studying nursing or oncology and deadline to apply is December 1st.
  10. Certified Pediatric Oncology Nurse of the Year Award – Available to certified pediatric oncology nurses who are attending graduate school, this scholarship rewards excellence in oncology nursing. The annual deadline to apply is April 1st.
  11. The Delta Gamma Foundation Florence Margaret Harvey Memorial Scholarship – This $1,000 scholarship is awarded each year to a graduate student who aims to rehabilitate or educate the blind and visually impaired. The scholarship application is quick and simple.
  12. Little People of America Scholarships – Two undergraduate and one graduate student is awarded a scholarship annually ranging in amount from $250 – $1,000. Applicants must be 4’ 10” or less in height and preference is given to those diagnosed with a form of dwarfism.

<$1,000 Scholarships

  1. George Nicholson Student Paper Competition – This $600 scholarship awards students who have written an outstanding paper in the area of management sciences or operations research. The deadline to apply for one of six of these scholarships is June 6th.
  2. Dr. Charles H. Hudson Award for Cardiopulmonary Public Health – This award of $500 is restricted to students studying health or medical sciences and is specifically designed to reward efforts to raise awareness of cardiopulmonary health issues.
  3. Excellence in Aviation Education Award – Eight graduate students are awarded this $500 scholarship annually for demonstrating effort to educate K-12 students on aviation. One winner is chosen from each age group and the deadline to apply is January 27th.
  4. Lou Hochberg University Essay Awards – Sponsored by the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab, this $500 scholarship is awarded to the graduate student in social science who submits the best university-level research paper addressing the sociological discoveries of Wilhelm Reich. Applications may be submitted anytime.
  5. Paul Monette – Roger Horwitz Dissertation Prize – Graduate students who have an approved and accepted dissertation on LGTBQ studies are eligible to apply for this $500 prize offered by The Center for LGTBQ Studies.
  6. NWSA Women of Color Caucus Awards – Four $500 scholarships are awarded annually to women of color in a graduate program who have encouraged or engaged in discussions and study of feminist issues affecting women of color in the United States. Applications must be received by May 15th each year.
  7. Outstanding Doctoral and Master’s Thesis Awards – Graduate students studying science, technology, natural resources, agriculture, agribusiness, or economics are eligible to apply for this award in the amount of $250 using their outstanding graduate-level thesis.

Scholarships of an Unknown Dollar Amount

  1. Educational Advancement Foundation Merit Scholarship – The Educational Advancement Foundation Merit Scholarship is awarded annually to a full-time graduate student with a GPA of 3.0 or higher who volunteers or participates in community service.
  2. Educational Advancement Foundation Financial Need Scholarship – This scholarship is available to a full time graduate student who demonstrates financial need and active community service. His or her GPA must be a 2.5 or higher and the application deadline is August 15th.

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