Why Get a Masters in Technology Management + Online No GRE!

Professionals who want to enjoy an exciting, rewarding career in America today often choose computer and information technology jobs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment for all computer and information technology professionals will grow by 12% by 2024. This is a faster growth rate than most fields. This means that there will be 489,000 jobs added in this sector in just a few years.

The driving factor behind the growth of technology jobs is the fact that more and more every day devices are connected to the Internet. There also is a revolution underway in moving from local networks to cloud computing, and also companies are collecting and interpreting massive amounts of data to increase sales and profitability.

People who have excellent skills technology usually find themselves in an excellent situation to find good paying work for many years. Earning a master’s degree in technology management can provide you with the cutting edge technology tools to work successfully in these occupations:

  • Computer and information research scientist: These computer professionals invent and design new ways to use computer technology, and to find more innovative ways to use technology that exists now. These scientists must study and solve very complex problems involving computers for science, business and medicine, which lead to improving computer hardware and software in all types of organizations.
  • Computer and information systems manager: These technology workers are often referred to as information technology managers. They plan, coordinate and direct all of the computer related activities in an organization. These technology managers play an important role in determining the information technology roles of a company, and must correctly implement systems to meet company goals.
  • Computer systems analyst: Study the current computer and technology systems of a company, and design new IT solutions to assist the company to operate in a more efficient fashion. These computer experts must use many advanced techniques including data modeling to design advanced computer systems that can meet the goals of the organization.

Why Earn a Master’s in Technology Management?

There is a chronic shortage of qualified information technology and management professionals. According to the IT staffing firm Robert Half Technology, their annual report about the state of the profession shows that 2016 was no exception to the rule.

The report found that 60% of CIOs across America who were polled found it challenging to locate skilled IT professionals. Also, 85% of CIOs stated that they planned to hire information technology management employees in the first part of 2016.

Many workers decide to earn an advanced degree in information technology or technology management to fill in the employment gap. The above report noted that some of the jobs where there is a substantial shortage of workers include:

  • Computer systems analyst
  • Information technology manager
  • Management analyst
  • Database administrator
  • Software developer

Earning a master’s in the field of technology management will open the door wide to many enticing job opportunities.

Admission Requirements

To earn your master’s degree in information technology or technology management, you should expect these types of requirements for admission:

  • Official transcripts
  • GRE or GMAT results
  • Three reference letters from professors or work supervisors
  • Statement of purpose
  • Transcripts
  • Bachelor’s degree in a technical field

Curriculum and Courses

To take your technology career to another level, we recommend the master’s in information technology management from Southern New Hampshire University. Every organization today is looking for IT professionals who are able to think outside of regular computer programming and basics of technology.

This accredited master’s degree teaches you to do just that. You will learn how to bridge gaps between communications, business management and IT. At the same time, you will boost your technology management skills to become much more marketable.

This two year online degree has been recognized by the Professional Science Master’s USA office as a Professional Science Master’s program.

You can custom fit this degree to whatever your career aspirations are with these concentrations:

  • Information security
  • Database design
  • Data analytics
  • IT management
  • Web design
  • Software application development
  • Web design

Your required courses include:

  • Operating Systems
  • Advanced Information Technology
  • Technical Communication
  • Object Oriented Application Development
  • Principles of Database Design
  • Capstone in Information Technology
  • Telecommunications and Networking
  • Core Technologies

Career Outcomes and Job Titles

Some of the possible job titles with a master’s degree in technology management are:

  • Network administrator
  • Web developer
  • Systems analyst
  • Database administrator
  • Network architect
  • Information technology manager
  • Software developer

Job and Salary Outlook

  • Computer and Information Systems Manager — Demand in this popular field will rise by 15% by 2024. There will be more need for computer and information systems managers as more organizations are expanding their operations to more advanced digital systems. It will be very important for skilled technical managers to be able to implement these systems to meet organizational goals. Median pay in this field is $131,000 per year.
  • Computer and Information Research Scientist – This job will see 11% rise in demand in the coming years. There is fast growth in collection of big data by organizations, which is leading to a higher need for data mining services. This work is being led by managers with a high level of skill in technology. There also is a bigger need for managers who have skills in cybersecurity, as cyber attacks occur every day that are more and more serious. Median pay is $110,000 per year.
  • Computer Systems Analyst — This field will experience strong growth in the range of 21% by 2024. More companies are more reliant upon computer technology and they will need many new analysts to design and install the latest IT systems. Analysts who work in this field will often be moving from project to project regularly. You should also expect to see strong growth in healthcare space. Median salary is $85,000.

Scholarships and Grants

To help to fund your education, make sure you review these scholarship opportunities:


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