Why Get a Masters in Nursing Degree? + Online No GRE!

Students can learn more about these programs and those that are similar by requesting information from our site. We hope that the information we provide will be helpful and useful on your path to finding the program that is going to work for you and your individual needs and goals.

Though nursing is a very hands on degree, some colleges and universities offer some measure of online classes to help expedite the process and allow students to learn from home. Though these classes are online, there will likely be some measure of in person classes to help to evaluate skills and progress. Master’s in Nursing degrees are difficult to come by but ultimately fulfilling for those that are up for the challenge.

Skills that will be sharpened by a Nursing Program:

  • Organization
  • Patient care
  • Public interaction
  • Administration
  • Efficiency
  • Multi-tasking
  • And more

MSN Degree Overview

This program is challenging and will test the limits of what you already know and what you are capable of learning.  It is required that in order to apply for a master’s in the art of nursing that you already have some measure of nursing education. Those that enroll in this degree program will be required to learn both the basics of nursing as well as advanced life support and care techniques. You will also learn bed side manner, how to work with members of the public, and how to work with doctors and other critical members of staff within the hospital or doctors’ office where you will work.

This degree is very strenuous but rewarding and those that have the ability to take each class and test with skill will be rewarded with a career that keeps giving. This degree most often focuses on advanced skills that go above and beyond the scope of similar two year or four year nursing degrees to create a graduate that is prepared to take on any challenge.

Reasons to Earn a MSN Degree

Nursing is a career that can affect thousands of people positively. With a degree in nursing you can help be the change that the world needs and you can help ease the fears that patients face every day. For those that want a career that is more than just a paycheck, nursing is a career that can be rewarding on so many different levels.

For those that want a career that is not only going to enrich their own lives but also the lives of those they work with, nursing is the career for you. Those that choose this career path can be certain that they are going to make a difference in the lives of everyone that they work with from day to day. The average annual salary for a  nurse with a master’s is $130,000. This salary may of course change depending on where you find employment.

If you take the time to earn more certifications and special awards you can also increase your pay per year. This salary does not reflect over time and added time you may be required to work. It is always helpful to do a bit of looking into how much nurses in your own area make in order to better determine the average salary for a nurse in the area in which you live. You can learn more about nursing salaries by discussing them with the local healthcare facilities that you will be applying to after graduation and after you have passed your tests.

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Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner is an advanced practice registered nurse who provides primary and specialized are to patients throughout their lives. A general nurse practitioner may provide care for patients from newborns to the elderly, but many NPs eventually specialize in a specific patient population. NPs also are authorized to prescribe most prescription drugs, order and interpret many diagnostic tests, and diagnose patients. NPs may practice independently in 26 states.

Recommended Options

The following universities offer accredited, online Master of Science degrees without the GRE requirement. Request more information for enrollment details and tuition:

  1. MSN – Family Nurse Practitioner – Kaplan University
  2. MSN – Family Nurse Practitioner  – Walden University
  3. MSN – Family Nurse Practitioner – University of Texas at Arlington
  4. MSN – Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner – Seton Hall University
  5. MSN – Family-Individual Across the Life Span Nurse Practitioner – Thomas Jefferson

Nurse Midwifery

A nurse midwife provides specialized care to women and their children. They are responsible for providing prenatal, postpartum and newborn care, and also may handle the birth process in some cases. Nurse midwives also track the development of the fetus to ensure that everything is going smoothly. Further, they provide physical examinations during pregnancy to ensure the health of mother and fetus. Some nurse midwives also serve as the primary healthcare provider for the woman after pregnancy.

Recommended Options

The following universities offer accredited, online Master of Science degrees without the GRE requirement. Request more information for enrollment details and tuition:

  1. MSN – Nurse-Midwifery/Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner – Georgetown University
  2. MSN – Nurse-Midwifery – University of Cincinnati
  3. MSN – Nurse-Midwifery – Frontier University
  4. DNP – Nurse-Midwifery  – University of Minnesota

Nurse Administrator

A nurse administrator is an experienced nurse with advanced training in healthcare administration and business functions. Nurse administrators are responsible for leading a team of nurses or related healthcare professionals. At the same time, they must use their business skills to make certain that patients are receiving the best possible care. Major responsibilities of nurse administrators are overseeing nursing staff; creating budgets and approving spending; serving as a leader and motivator for nurses; and ensuring cost efficiency and savings.

Recommended Options

The following universities offer accredited, online Master of Science degrees without the GRE requirement. Request more information for enrollment details and tuition:

  1. MSN – Nursing Administration – Liberty University
  2. MSN – Nurse Executive – University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences
  3. MSN – Health Systems Administration with Case Management –  Seton Hall University
  4. MSN – Leadership in Healthcare Systems – Grand Canyon University
  5. MSN – Nurse Leadership – Loyola University New Orleans

Nurse Educator

Nurse educators are experienced registered nurses with advanced education so that they can educate the next generation of nurses. The majority of nurse educators have many years of clinical nursing experience; some continue to work on a part time basis as nurses while teaching courses. Nurse educators are members of teaching faculty at nursing schools and teaching hospitals. Major duties include teaching nursing courses to associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s level nursing students; evaluating educational programs; overseeing clinical practice of students and developing lesson plans.

Recommended Options

The following universities offer accredited, online Master of Science degrees without the GRE requirement. Request more information for enrollment details and tuition:

  1. MSN – Nursing Education – Sacred Heart University
  2. MSN – Nurse Educator – Liberty University
  3. MSN – Nurse Educator – University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences
  4. MSN – Nursing Education – Lamar University
  5. MSN – Nurse Educator – Benedictine University

Nurse Informatics

Nurse informatics nurses are the lead of constantly changing technology in the healthcare field. They use a combination of nursing science, health records and data and IT to make more efficient use of data in the entire healthcare system. Nurse informatics professionals manage and communicate data and information to nurses, patients, healthcare providers and consumers. Among their duties include managing health technology projects; educating and training staff on how to use new healthcare data management systems; optimizing databases and computer systems for managing data; and maintaining computer systems.

Recommended Options

The following universities offer accredited, online Master of Science degrees without the GRE requirement. Request more information for enrollment details and tuition:

  1. MSN – Informatics – Jacksonville University
  2. MSN – Nursing Informatics – Wilkes University
  3. MSN – Nursing Informatics – South University
  4. MSN – Nursing Informatics – Capella University
  5. MSN – Nursing Informatics – Walden University

Clinical Nurse Specialist

Clinical nurse specialists are experienced RNs with a master’s degree who have skills and knowledge specific to a certain patient population or specialty. They may work directly with patients, but they also are involved in molding the healthcare system and serving as mentors to other nurses. They also apply their observations of direct patient are to nursing research, which can be used to provide broad positive changes to the entire healthcare facility.

Recommended Options

The following universities offer accredited, online Master of Science degrees without the GRE requirement. Request more information for enrollment details and tuition:

  1. DNP – Advanced Practice – Jacksonville University
  2. MSN – Clinical Nurse Leader – Saint Xavier University
  3. MSN – Clinical Nurse Specialist – Loyola University Chicago
  4. MSN – Adult-Gerontological Clinical Nurse Specialist – University of South Alabama

Public Health Nurse

Most nurses spend their careers taking care of one patient at a time. But public health nurses are responsible for offering specialized care for entire populations. A public health nurse works with the entire community so that large numbers of people can be educated about critical health issues. This leads to improved community health and safety, and can enhance access to care.

Recommended Options

The following universities offer accredited, online Master of Science degrees without the GRE requirement. Request more information for enrollment details and tuition:

  1. MSN – Public Health – Grand Canyon University
  2. MSN – Public Health Nursing – Walden University
  3. MSN – Public Health – Aspen University

Typical MSN Course Requirements

There are a wide range of classes that you will be required to complete and listed below are some of the most common classes that will become part of your course content.

  • Health care policy
  • Theory and practice in your special field
  • Health care ethics
  • Management and advanced practice nursing
  • Advanced biochemistry
  • Advanced pharmacology

Typical Educational Prerequisites

In most cases it is a requirement that in order to be approved for admission into a nursing master’s program you must have a degree in nursing from an accredited school. You may also be required to have certain classes that you have completed like psychology, statistics, English composition, epidemiology, and more. It is important that you determine what is needed to be accepted to a program before you apply.

MSN Degree Career Outlook

Healthcare is one of the most secure career options out there. People will always need people to care for them. That being said, the odds of a new graduate of a nursing master’s program being hired are good. This means that you will have a pool from which to draw when it comes time for you to apply for a job with the hospital or medical facility of your choice.

As a nurse you will have the opportunity to really work with patients and help them to not only feel better but to actually start down the road to real recovery and good health.

  1. Hospital Nurse – Hospitals are always looking for skilled nursed that are able to work quickly and efficiently and as such this is going to be your best option for employment after college.
  2. Doctor’s Offices – You also have a great chance of being employed at a doctor’s or physicians office helping patients and even administering some forms of medication and treatment when needed.
  3. Healthcare Professional – The options are endless and health care professionals are needed across the world. You can find just about any healthcare related job that requires a nursing degree and have a good shot at finding a job that is going to work for you.

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Other MSN Degrees

Master’s degree courses in nursing deal with advanced concepts of nursing science and how they are applied, along with health care management. Intensive research is used to give a strong foundation to improve health care techniques. Students also develop leadership and interpersonal skills that help them to thrive in an advanced nursing practice career.

Both classroom and clinical work is required to graduate with an MSN. You will need to complete clinical hour experience at a local health facility if you are earning your MSN online.

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Debbie explains why she wanted a master’s degree in nursing, why Capella was the right choice, and how her education is already impacting her career.

Where Can Master’s of Nursing Candidates Find Work After They Graduate?

With your MSN, your career options are going to depend upon what your nursing specialty is. Most nurses find work easily in hospitals, doctors’ offices, home health care and nursing homes.

Overall, however, the picture for nurses with advanced degrees is excellent: Forbes.com has noted that an MSN currently is one of the best master’s degrees for nursing.

When you complete your MSN, you will have the chance to work in very prestigious roles, such as chief nursing officer, nursing administrator, clinical nurse educator, nurse practitioner, or nursing director of education. Some of the other top nursing careers where you can find employment are:

  • Certified legal nurse consultant
  • Nurse case manager
  • Nurse educator
  • Nurse researcher
  • Nurse informatics analyst
  • Pediatric endocrinology nurse

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the median salary for all nurses was $64,690 in 2010. That includes nursing roles for those who only have an LPN or BSN degree, so the salary number is a bit skewed.

The top 10%, which usually are those who have at least a master’s degree in nursing, was $95,100.

The median salary for all nurses depends upon where they work:

  • General medical and surgical hospitals – private: $66,600
  • Doctors’ offices: $62,800
  • General medical and surgical hospitals – local: $62,600
  • Home health care services: $60,690
  • Nursing care facilities: $58,100

Most nurses with an MSN will not have problems finding work, with job growth for registered nurses expected to be 26% by 2020. Job growth is expected to be much faster in outpatient care centers, including those that provide chemotherapy, rehabilitation and surgery.

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