Why a Masters in Organizational Leadership Degree + No GRE Online!

Professionals who want to hone leadership skills that will help them to advance their business careers to the next level often consider obtaining their master’s degree in organizational leadership.

Professionals who earn this degree learn how to motivate and manage both individuals and teams with effective leadership. You also will learn how to implement strategies and techniques that will cause changes in your organization, and better leadership principles to take hold.

Students in an organizational leadership program explore both practical and theoretical approaches to modern leadership. They are prepared to assume high demand leadership roles in all types of business and government environments. Many graduates of such programs may work in the business sector, but there are many opportunities for working in the government and nonprofit sectors.

Professionals who earn their master’s degree in organizational leadership are well suited for the following roles:

  • Top executive: These upper level managers in companies and other organizations devise policies and strategies to make sure that an organization is meeting its various goals. They are responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating a wide variety of operational activities for all types of organizations. Depending upon your company and your interests, you could be a chief executive officer, chief operating officer, general and operations manager, or chief technology officer.
  • Human resources manager: Direct, plan and coordinate the many human resources and administrative functions of an organization. They are responsible for overseeing, recruiting, interviewing and hiring new workers. They also must work closely with top executives to do strategic plans for long term business success. An HR manager will determine the best ways to maximize the value of each employee in the organization and make sure all are used in the most efficient way possible. They often have to assess the productivity of workers and recommend ways to meet budgetary goals.
  • Training and development manager: Responsible for the planning, directing and coordinating of programs to boost skills and knowledge of a company’s employees. They also are often in charge of training and development professionals. This role is very important for the long term success of the company as the organization needs to promote the most knowledgeable workforce possible.

Why Earn a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership?

Earning your master’s degree in organizational leadership is quite different from earning a master’s in business administration. An MBA program will teach you a rather conventional and analytical method to working in management. An MBA degree will normally focus on statistics, accounting, finance, marketing and quantitative management skills.

On the other hand, a master’s degree in organizational leadership will teach you to become an effective and principled leader in more personal and creative ways. A master’s degree in organizational leadership can be an excellent choice  for a business professional who desires to be a business leader, but feels limited by an MBA program’s approach.

Getting your master’s degree in organizational leadership will offer you with unique skills that will often doors to advancing a business career in unusual ways.

You will learn business leadership skills in these ways:

  • Learn business leadership skills from top notch experts in the field that you may apply to your job while you are still active in the program.
  • Be able to challenge the norms in your workplace with strategic planning influence, reflection and analysis.
  • Be able to do more effective and productive coaching, motivation and leadership so that you can lead teams and collaborate more efficiently.
  • Obtain skills that will help you to overcome challenges in the organization and to think in a more innovative fashion.

Admission Requirements

If you want to earn a master’s in organizational leadership, be prepared to meet these qualifications:

  • 25 GPA
  • Business undergraduate degree or a related field
  • At least five years of progressive business management experience
  • Updated resume
  • College transcripts
  • Writing samples

Curriculum and Courses

You can earn your Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership at Gonzaga University online, which will challenge you to develop more advanced leadership practices, effective personnel management skills, resolve conflicts effectively, build teams that work well together, and enhance communication skills.

After you obtain your two year graduate degree, you will perform better in leadership, improve your personal relationships at work, and also develop thriving and successful organizations.

Students in this program come from many parts of the world, work in many professions, and have many different career levels. You may choose two concentrations:

  • Global Leader: This speciality is appropriate for a career starter or mid career professional who works in international business and trade, NGOs or nonprofits that are related to social justice, government or policy.
  • Servant Leader: This concentration is designed to build your capacity to improve the lives of people around you and to build a better organization.

These courses are required:

  • Foundations of Leadership
  • Imagine, Create, Lead
  • Organizational Behavior and Theory
  • Leadership Seminar
  • Communication and Leadership Ethics

Career Outcomes and Job Titles

Some of the job titles that you may have with this master’s degree include:

  • Chief executive officer
  • Chief operating officer
  • General manager
  • Operations manager
  • VP of Operations
  • Director of operations
  • Human resources manager

Job and Salary Outlook

  • Top Executive — Employment for top executives is expected to rise by 6% by 2024. This is just a general number; how much employment will rise in your area will depend upon your industry and location. Top executives that are highly successful are in great demand today, given the greater global competition in many industries. The median salary in this field is $175,000 per year.
  • Human Resources Manager — Employment for human resources managers will climb by 9% by 2024. Employment growth will largely depend upon the growth and performance of specific companies and business sectors. As companies start and grow, there will be need for more HR professionals to manage hiring. Also, as the economy is getting better, more hiring and company expansion will take place. Median salary is $118,000.
  • Training and Development Manager: Employment in this field will rise by 7% by 2024. Many employees have to take classes and continuing education to stay employed and to improve their skills. There will be innovations in training in the next 10 years, and there will be more need for effective training for employees. Professionals with excellent leadership skills with be in particular high demand. Median salary is $102,000.

Scholarships and Grants

Additional Resources

  • National Business Association: This is the largest business association and features more than 250,000 members who are both companies and individuals. This is the premier business association you should belong to for educational and networking purposes.
  • Toastmasters International: This organization is one of the leading in the world for business communication and leadership development. This organization has 345,000 memberships. Members are able to improve their leadership abilities and speaking skills by attending one of 16,000 clubs in 140 countries. This organization is relied upon by hundreds of thousands of business professionals to enhance their leadership skills.