Get a Masters in Nursing Administration Degree

A Master’s Degree in Nursing Administration will prepare you for many types of administrative leadership and management positions in hospitals, managed care, long term care and many other health-related organizations. With this master’s degree, you also could work as a health care executive or administrator. You will be responsible for ensuring that the health care business runs smoothly, and in many cases, you will be overseeing a large nursing staff.

The major responsibilities of nursing administrators is to plan, direct, coordinate and supervise health care delivery. Nursing administrators and managers often work in recruitment and nursing staff retention, as well as oversee them. They also may assist doctors on patient care issues, and they can also help families and patients when it is needed.

Some of the roles of the nursing administrator can include the following:

  • Supervise staff nurses
  • Recommend policy changes
  • Assist in the implementation of any policy changes
  • Support current nursing practices and operations
  • Work closely with boost staff and patients to oversee performance of high level care for all patients.

To be successful as a nursing administrator, you must be licensed as an RN and have at least a year of patient care experience.

Note that some nursing administrators are specialists, and some are generalists. A specialist will manage a clinical department or service, and generalists will manage the entire system or facility.

3+ No GRE Options for Master’s Degree in Nursing Administration

Capella University

Campus: Online
Type: For Profit
Accreditation: North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
Per Credit Hour: $375
GRE Required: No
Minimum Time Commitment: 24 months
On Campus Requirements: No
Program: MSN – Nursing Leadership and Administration
School Site: Capella University

Western Governors University

Campus: Online
Type: For Profit
Accreditation: Western Commission on Higher Education
Per Credit Hour: $3250 per term
GRE Required: No
Minimum Time Commitment: 24 months
On Campus Requirements: Yes
Program: MSN – Leadership and Management
School Site: Western Governors University

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Campus: Indiana, Pennsylvania
Type: Non Profit
Accreditation: Middle States Commission on Higher Education
Per Credit Hour: $442 in state; $663 out of state
GRE Required: No
Minimum Time Commitment: 24 months
On Campus Requirements: Yes
Program: MSN – Administration Track
School Site: Tuition | Financial Aid

Basic Description of a Master of Science in Nursing – Nursing Administration

A Master’s of Science in Nursing Administration will prepare you for an advanced practice nursing position in nursing administration, and can potentially serve as a strong foundation for doctoral study.

With a no GRE MSN in nursing administration, you will be able to:

Provide strong leadership that will both influence and contribute to the advancement of the nursing profession as a whole.
Synthesize advanced nursing skills and scientific knowledge into the most advanced nursing practice roles.
Utilize your new nursing administration knowledge to provide the highest level of health care, bring change and boost the quality of the nursing field overall.

Common courses in this type of MSN administration program include:

  • Health promotion and social issues
  • Health policy
  • Leadership strategies
  • Nursing theoretical foundations
  • Nursing research
  • Advanced professional role development
  • Nursing administration
  • Financial management in health care

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Where Can a Nursing Administration Student Find Work After They Graduate?

A career in nursing administration is both personally and financially rewarding, given the much higher demand in recent years for nursing administrators in hospitals, laboratories and many other health care facilities. Job opportunities in nursing administration should be excellent for RNs who want to make the leap into nursing administration. The job opportunities for nurse administrators should increase by 22% by 2020.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median wage of nursing administrators is $84,000. States with the highest median pay for nurse administrators are:

  • FL

  • CA

  • AK

  • WA

  • NY

  • MA

  • MD

The metro areas with the highest pay in this field are New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

For a professional with a Master’s Degree in Nursing Administration, states that the average salary is $88,000. The average salary for a director of nursing according to is $73,000. For a nursing home administrator, the average salary is $86,000.


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