25 Facts About USDA (now Graduate School USA)

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The world of education is ever changing. That is demonstrated by the increase in online programs being offered all over the country. If you want to continue your education, there is no excuse anymore. There will always be a school that offers what you want in an online format so you can fit it into your life. At the same time, if the course is not offered in that format yet, it will be soon. Technology is increasing at a rapid rate. Where online education used to be looked at as a lesser form, it is no longer view that way. That is because many schools are mirroring their online courses to their on campus ones so students get the same education no matter what format they choose to take the class in. A great school to consider for your continuing education is the Graduate School USA, known before as teh USDA Graduate School. Whether you want to begin work on your undergraduate degree, your master’s degree, or simply want to take a class for your continuing education, this is a great option for you. There are many great things about the school and they have a lot of history. A school that has held on for a long time and has fought to stay prominent is one that I would believe in. Read the 25 facts about the Graduate School USA to see if it is a great school that you can see yourself attending. No one knows that the future holds but if you are dreaming of continuing your education and have been using excuses to push it off, you are not going very far. Use this as a starting point and see what the future hold for you.

  • Graduate School USA is a private educational institution. It is also not-for profit and is not affiliated with the Federal government in any way.
  • The institution was called USDA Graduate School until recently.
  • The institution is headquartered in Washington, DC. There are also other regional campuses all over the nation.
  • They offer over 600 courses. Of these, 300 are night or weekend classes. They even have distance learning classes available.
  • The school was created in 1921. It was created by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to give access to continuing education to adults. It was a part of the USDA until February of 2009 as a Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentality (NAFI). That is when it became a non-profit organization. At that time, they decided to find accreditation to provide master’s and bachelor’s degrees.
  • In March 2009, Graduate School USA purchased Southeastern University. Due to some unfortunate road blocks, the purchase was not competed until March 2010.
  • The school has been a candidate for accreditation since November 2012 by the Middle Sates Commission on Higher Education.
  • Currently, the Management and Health Departments grant Associate degrees.
  • All other departments offer certificates.
  • The ultimate goal is to eventually offer bachelor’s and master’s degrees as well as the certificates and associate’s degrees
  • The school focuses on the changing needs of the government and private sector.
  • Recently, the school began offering electronic media as a form of education. This allowed them to offer schooling all over the nation. They include distance learning classes, online training, as well as computer enhanced learning. There is so much possibility with these new class formats.
  • Because they now offer classes in an online format, you can take the class from anywhere. You can take them on your won time too!
  • The school offers classes in many fields. Some of them include foreign languages, economics, leadership, management, software training, human capital management and acquisition, and much more. You can view their entire offering here.
  • The Graduate School USA offers a webinar series for people who are not ready to commit to an entire course. These are great options for you to slowly continue your education, one short webinar at a time.
  • The Graduate School USA offers customized solutions for companies. If you have a lot of employees who must hold a license or certificate and needs to continue their education to maintain it, the school can bring the classes to you. These are customizable and are designed to fit your needs. You can find out more about this option here.
  • For certificate programs, you must apply. There are many different certificate programs that are designed with you in mind. To apply, all you need to do is fill out their online application. You also have the option of mailing your application in. You can find out more information and submit your application here.
  • The virtual classes offered are different from the other courses. However, they have just as many to choose from and it can be just as viable of an option. You can see online options for classes here.
  • On the website, it is very easy to register. You can choose your course, register, and pay all online. There is no need to mail a payment in or speak with an instructor.
  • In the virtual classes options are what are referred to as “Guaranteed to Go Sessions.” These are for the valued federal customers. This is usually for those who are in need of a training class prior to the end of the year. The sessions are listed both by location and subject area. You can see the options and offerings here.
  • The school offered training courses for managers and officials as well. To find more about this program, click here.
  • The pricing for each course is subject to change at any time. The prices also vary depending on the course. There is no set course price across the board.
  • The school hopes to offer degree programs soon and already has some set up. They are only waiting on the accreditation to go through.
  • Some of the degree programs offered currently include accounting, cyber security, legal studies, and management.
  • The Graduate School USA is designed with the student in mind. They have around 200,000 students every year and so many options when it comes to campus and distance learning. With over 600 courses, ou are bound to find the one you want or need.