Salary Outlook + Things You Can Do with a Hospitality Management Degree

Hospitality management involves using management concepts and practices in many businesses related to hospitality, such as lodging, food, conferences and related types of business activities. Professionals who earn a hospitality management degree typically will work in planning, organizing and leading in various hospitality-related positions.

Earning a master’s degree in hospitality management frequently is the doorway to a rewarding career in many areas of the hospitality business. Some of the best occupations available in hospitality management are:

#1 Food Service Manager

A food service manager is responsible for the daily functioning of a restaurant or other eating establishment. They are responsible for directing staff to ensure that customers are satisfied with the eating experience. They also manage the operations of the business to make certain that profit goals are met.

Typical duties of food service managers include:

  • Hiring, training and overseeing food service employees
  • Order supplies, such as food, beverages, supplies and food making equipment
  • Oversee the preparation of food, sizes of portions and the presentation of the food
  • Address any complaints about the service or food quality
  • Establish high standards for the performance of personnel and the service provided to customers

Food service managers are responsible for overseeing the activities of both the kitchen and dining room. The overall job is to ensure that all customers receive good service and get their food on time. Managers provide oversight of the kitchen and may work with cooks and chefs to improve food and service.

Many food service managers need to do a variety of administrative jobs, such as managing records of employee work and getting payroll ready. They also have to handle administrative paperwork regarding licensing, wages and taxes, and unemployment payments.

This field will see 5% growth in the next few years, which is about average. The median salary is $50,800.

#2 Lodging Manager

A lodging manager is responsible for ensuring that guests who are traveling on business or pleasure have a good experience at a hotel or motel. Lodging managers also need to ensure that the facility is run efficiently and on budget.

Common duties for lodging managers are:

  • Inspect all guest rooms regularly and ensure that all rooms and public areas are clean and orderly
  • Ensure that the standards of the company are met for decor guest services and cleanliness
  • Interview and train staff who are responsible for running the facility from day to day
  • Keep track of the performance of staff and ensure that all guests enjoy their stay
  • Set the rates for rooms and set up an annual or quarterly budget; ensure that the budget is followed

Some of the various types of lodging managers include:

  • General manager: Oversee the entire lodging operation at a given property
  • Revenue manager: Specializes in financial management at a lodging facility and monitors sales and reservations
  • Front office manager: Provides for coordination of reservations and room assignments. Also trains and directs from desk workers
  • Convention service manager: Provides for the coordination of many departments to ensure that meetings, conventions and special events are handled efficiently

The median salary for lodging managers is $51,800 per year.

#3 Meeting, Convention and Event Planner

This type of hospitality management professional is responsible for coordinating the many different aspects of professional meetings and events. They also are responsible for managing meeting locations, transportation and other logistical matters.

Some of the duties of these managers are:

  • Meet with clients to have a better understanding of the event or meeting
  • Plan what the scope of the event will be, such as time, cost and location
  • Get bids from various venues and providers of service
  • Conduct inspections of the venues to make sure that they are meeting with the needs of the client
  • Coordinate all of the services required for the event and ensure that transportation and food service meets quality standards

Meeting, convention and event planners must organize a variety of events, such as educational conferences, business conventions and weddings. Every detail of these events have to be planned. Before the meeting, the planner will meet with clients to estimate how many will be attending and what the purpose of the meeting will be.

During each event, this hospitality manager handles operations and logistics, such as registering each guest and organizing all of the presentations.

As the economy continues to expand and recover from the last downturn, job growth in this field is expected to be above average at 10% by 2024. The median salary is $47,300.

#4 Fundraiser

A fundraiser organizes various events and campaigns, with the goal of raising money and various other donations for the organization. A fundraiser may design marketing and promotional materials, and works to increase awareness of the work of the organization.

Common duties for fundraisers include:

  • Researching possible donors
  • Create an effective fundraising message that will appeal to possible donors
  • Contact possible donors to determine if they are willing to provide funds
  • Maintain donor records
  • Train all volunteers and employees about how to raise funds legally and effectively

Fundraisers can work for almost any type of organization or cause. Those who are working for a political campaign have to be very knowledgeable about campaign finance laws; for example, there are contribution limits for an individual who is giving funds to a certain candidate.

Other types of fundraisers are:

  • Major gifts fundraisers
  • Planned giving fundraisers
  • Direct mailing fundraisers
  • Annual campaign fundraisers
  • Events fundraisers

This field will grow by 9% by 2024, which is faster than average. The median salary is $54,100 per year.

#5 Public Relations Manager

This type of management professional plans and directs the creation of materials that will boost the public image of the client or organization. Some of the duties of a public relations manager are:

  • Identify the client groups and possible audiences and figure out the best ways to contact them
  • Assist clients to communicate in an effective fashion with members of the public
  • Help the organization’s employees and spokespeople to communicate better with the public
  • Come up with effective promotion and advertising programs

Public relations managers need to work well with the public and the media to make the organization or client look as good as possible. A public relations manager in a large organization may be responsible for managing a group of public relations specialists. They also may need to handle internal communications and can help financial managers to produce financial reports.

This field will see a 7% increase in job demand by 2024, which is about average. The median salary in this field is $107,300.

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