Guide to Online Doctorate PhD Programs without GRE

Research suggests that professionals who earn their Ph.D. or doctorate will enjoy a higher salary than those who earn only a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

How much more you can earn over your lifetime with a doctorate will vary depending upon the field. For some fields such as the biological sciences, the doctoral degree holder can earn up to 27% more over their lives than with only a master’s degree.

Earning your doctoral degree or Ph.D. today is easier than in years past because you can earn your degree in part or even entirely online. There are a multitude of high quality, online doctoral degrees from which you can choose. Please keep reading to discover some of the most desirable online doctoral and Ph.D. programs.

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*Walden University: This university offers an online Doctor of Business Education with a specialization in accounting. You will explore the theories and principles of decision making at the managerial level, as well as how to grasp corporate governance, and how to evaluate employees effectively both in global and domestic perspectives.


University of Dallas: This online DBA is a highly rigorous and research-based program that will prepare experienced  business professionals with the ability to expand their business knowledge and leadership skills. It is a 61 credit hour program, and is ranked among the top 10 of DBA degrees according to

Criminal Justice

Walden University: This online Ph.D. in criminal justice explores contemporary theory and practice in criminal justice. It also explores national and international issues in how criminal justice is administered. Topics include criminal risk factors, theories of leadership, technology, law enforcement and homeland security. Degree may be earned entirely online.



Walden University: This university has an online Ph.D. in management that will provide you with the latest skills in management and finance. You also will be asked to think about alternative and new ways to provide management and leadership that can be more appropriate for the 21st century business world.


Walden University: This online Doctor of Healthcare Administration from Walden University will prepare you to be a top level leader and agent of social change in the rapidly changing healthcare environment. This innovative program will provide you with the knowledge and business strategies that you need to manage modern healthcare delivery.

Human Resources

Walden University: This online Doctor of Healthcare Administration from Walden University will prepare you to be a top level leader and agent of social change in the rapidly changing healthcare environment. This innovative program will provide you with the knowledge and business strategies that you need to manage modern healthcare delivery.

Information Technology

Colorado Technical University: Earn a Doctor of Management in Technology Management so that you can formulate advanced technology solutions to enhance the performance of organizations and to achieve maximum competitive advantage. This degree will help you to be a technology change leader and bring innovation in an international business environment.

Marriage Family Therapy


  • DNP Doctor of Nursing PracticeAbilene Christian University – Ranked among the top 20 Regional Universities in the West in 2015 by U.S. News & World Report. Listed as one of America’s Best Colleges by Forbes Magazine in 2014.
  • DNP – Doctor of Nursing PracticeWilkes University – CCNE Accredited. This program offers a rigorous, practice-focused doctorate while providing an online curriculum that allows candidates to continue working full time. The 30-credit Wilkes DNP online program is in demand – the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) has identified the DNP degree as the top preparation for specialty nursing practice nationwide.
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice DNPSouth University –  Coursework in the program emphasizes advanced topics in nursing, field experiences, and capstone nursing experiences, while offering program electives drawn from a broad range of interdisciplinary fields from the South University College of Business and College of Health Professions.
  • Doctor of Nursing PracticeLiberty University – All programs ranked in the top 10 out of more than 2,100 colleges & universities for academic quality, affordability, and accessibility.
  • Online DNPAmerican Sentinel University – This is a DNP with a focus on educational leadership that is a practice-based program that will ready faculty, program directors and college deans to be accomplished leaders of nursing education programs. This is one of the few online DNPs to offer a specialization in educational leadership. Top nurse educators are professors at this university and may be completed in 28 months in manyy cases.


Walden University: This program offers a Ph.D. in psychology that is taught by highly respected psychology experts and researchers. The coursework explores best practices and theories that will empower you to combine both psychology practice expertise and scholarly research.

Public Health

Walden University: This is an online Ph.D. in public health that allows students to build upon their expertise and skills to become a highly effective practitioner and scholar. Coursework focuses on injury and disease prevention, informations and the importance of PR, marketing and communication in public health.

Benefits of a Online PhD/Doctorate Degree

There are many highly accomplished professionals and students who decide to earn their doctoral or Ph.D. degree today. It is well known that professionals with a doctoral degree can earn a higher salary and enjoy better career advancement.

For example, the median wage for all psychologists in May 2015 was $72,580, states the Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS. However psychologists at the top of the field, with the most experience and with a doctoral degree in psychology, can earn up to $118,000 per year.

While the salary advantage with a Ph.D. can vary per field, there is little doubt that holding this advanced degree in most fields commands a salary premium.

Many professionals understand this is the case and therefore decide to earn an online doctoral or Ph.D. degree. Earning one’s doctoral degree online has ready advantages over campus-based doctoral programs:

Learn At Home

The biggest advantage of earning a doctoral degree online is that you have much more flexibility on when you take classes. Regular postgraduate students usually have a hectic life of work, personal obligations and school when they have time for it. Much time is likely spent commuting from one place to another.

An online doctoral degree gives you the freedom to earn your degree where you live. For much of your program, there is no need to go to the campus, save for a few times during the program. You may need to complete some internship hours or doctoral research on campus, but most of the program can be completed off campus.

Earning your degree at home, largely on your own time also allows you to continue to work and to take care of your family as needed.

Spend Less on Tuition

Graduate and postgraduate programs can be very expensive. But by taking your Ph.D. program online, you may be able to shave thousands of dollars off the program. After all, many online programs do not have as much overhead and expenses to pay for, so you may be able to save when it comes time to pay tuition.

Also, because you are not tied down to taking courses in a certain city or campus, you will have much greater choice in where you go to school. You will be able to compare tuition costs and make the best financial choice for you.

Fewer Travel Expenses

Ph.D. programs are very long and rigorous. Expect to spend at least four to five years in school full time. These long programs are more challenging when you have to pay for all of the associated traveling expenses associated with commuting to a campus five days per week. Between gas, wear and tear on your car and meal expenses, the costs can add up to thousand of more per year.

By earning your doctorate online, you can greatly reduce the costs associated with getting your degree.

Convenient Class Times

Your online doctoral program offers you many convenient options for taking your courses. In many programs, you may complete your classes any time you prefer. Many students like the option of being able to take classes at times that suit them.

For those students, our advice is to consider a doctoral program with an asynchronous class schedule. This means that you will be able to take your classes alone at any time. The lectures are recorded and you may view them anytime you wish. This is ideal for students who have extremely busy personal and professional lives.

Or, you can choose to take your classes on a synchronous schedule, with a cohort of other students. These are your fellow students who are going through the doctoral program at the same time. The advantage of this type of class schedule is that you can take your classes with other professionals, and this often adds considerable value to your doctoral program. The classes are generally offered live at set times, thus there is less flexibility with the synchronous option.

Superior Information Retention

Modern online degree programs usually take full advantage of the latest Internet technology, discussion boards and social media so that you can remember more important information. Being able to watch and listen to lectures and other lessons multiple times online can really improve your retention of critical data.

Better Interaction with Professor

You might not think it, but many online doctoral programs will off you better interaction with your professors. You will not be able to see the professor face to face with great frequency, but you will be able to meet privately with him or her more often.

With online chat sessions, you may be able to ask more detailed questions than is possible in an in person lecture.

Superior Class Discussions

In a similar vein, online discussions can often be more detailed and valuable than in person lectures. Virtually all online master’s and doctoral programs have extensive online discussion and research forums where you can discuss course related information in great detail with fellow students and teachers.

You will be mostly communicating with others in the written word, and this allows you to get into more detail on different points of view regarding the subject matter. People are able to write in more detail with more careful thought generally than in the spoken word, which is less formal. The heavy writing focus in your doctoral program can provide you with better learning opportunities.

Complete Degree Faster

Many online doctoral programs have fewer elective requirements. You may be able to focus more intensely on your subject matter and get the education you want with less wasted time on courses that are of less importance to you.

Many Concentrations Available

As online education has improved greatly in the last decade in terms of content delivery and quality, the programs are mostly the same as their campus-based counterparts. Most of the programs offer the very same concentrations and specialities online as on campus.
Earning your doctoral or Ph.D. degree online will present you with many advantages, so many that we recommend you at least consider distance learning over a campus based program.

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