50 Awesome Things You Can Do with a MPA Degree

If you hold a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree, you will be able to find employment in a wealth of different careers, all with a focus on public service. You could work for the private sector, the public sector, nonprofit organizations, the military, or government services. Read on to find out some of the fascinating things you can do with this degree, and the most lucrative public administration paths out there.

1. Federal Budget and Fiscal Manager

Ensure all budgetary requirements are met and that money is spent where it should be.

2. City or County Manager

Ensure the city for which you work sees its community improve across the board.

3. Federal Consultancy

Work as a point of liaison between different government branches, ensure they work together properly.

4. Law Enforcement

Work mainly on policy development and behind the scenes, rather than in the direct line of duty.

5. Parks and Recreation Manager

Ensure community members can enjoy safe parks and other forms of recreation.

6. Public Affairs and Communications Manager

Ensure the public is able to contribute to matters that concern them through a variety of different communication methods.

7. Transportation Management

Ensure that a city’s infrastructure is properly utilized and set up, and that those with transportation difficulties do not become disenfranchised.

8. Urban Planning

Ensure that the community is regenerated where necessary and constructed on in the best possible way.

9. Utilities Management

Focus on the placing and maintenance of different utilities, including gas, water, electricity, telephone, internet, and so on.

10. Waste Management

Ensure refuse collection is organized properly and engage the community in making efforts towards better recycling.

11. Nonprofit Fundraising

Raise money for specific causes and organizations.

12. Nonprofit Management

Manage the operations of a nonprofit organization, charity, or NGO.

13. Grant Writing

Secure funds for the development of nonprofit agencies through external grands and funds.

14. Community Developer

Manage different nonprofit projects in order to improve outcomes for specific population groups in the community, or the community as a whole.

15. Advocacy

Be a voice for members of the community in ensuring they receive the services they require both from nonprofit agencies and from the public sector, while at the same time trying to work with private agencies as well.

16. Consulting

Start your own business to provide governmental, private, public, and nonprofit organizations with support and advice on how to run their services.

17. Human Capital Management

Ensure the right people are utilized in the right way across the community, including supporting them in education and employment.

18. Human Resource Management

Manage issues such as recruitment and retention, succession planning, workforce development, disciplinary procedures, and so on.

19. Program Administrator

Usually work on short term, new projects that have to be set up properly to benefit the community as a whole.

20. Strategic Analyst

Usually work on a consultancy basis to ensure any proposed strategic developments across various companies, organizations, businesses, and departments will benefit the community.

21. Marketing Manager

Help different organizations develop their brand identity, often with a particular focus on government departments or charities.

22. Compliance Officer

Work either as a consultant or within organizations that have to stick to certain rules to improve community services, and ensure that these rules and regulations are being adhered to.

23. News Reporter or Analyst

Work with newspapers and agencies to give a plain English view on public programs and policies, as well as political situations and developments.

24. Community Health Developer

Work together with the various health programs within a community in order to ensure the needs of the people are being properly met.

25. Board of Directors for Education

Focus on the academic needs of members of the community, across all levels of education, ensuring there is sufficient access and that the right forms of education are available.

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26. CIA Representative

The CIA is often on the lookout for new talent with different backgrounds, and pubic administration is a very useful background to have.

27. Politician

As someone with knowledge and experience in public administration, taking up a government office position is particularly suitable.

28. United Nations Representative

This is particularly interesting for those who have extensive knowledge of not just public administration, but also domestic policies, which can be defended, implemented, or improved on an international level.

29. CEO

As you have complete a master’s degree, you have the skills and knowledge to run your own organization as CEO, COO, Director, President, or Vice President. This is particularly true if you also have significant work experience and/or a bachelor’s in a business field such as entrepreneurship, business administration, finance, or accountancy.

30. Local Government Administrator

Work in your own area to ensure all programs are delivered efficiently, from a managerial perspective.

31. Policy Manager

Work within government agencies or nonprofit organizations to develop new policies, utilizing your planning and presentation skills to do so.

32. Public Housing Manager

Oversee the availability of the public housing sector as a whole, or a specific facility, while ensuring all rules and regulations are adhered to.

33. Economic Development Director

Work within programs that promote the development and growth of your location’s economic base, be that federal, state, county, or city.

34. Public Affairs Director

Oversee the help that the government gives to NGOs and nonprofit organizations in order to make sure they can deliver their services properly, and strengthen their public image.

35. Public Relations Consultant

Offer strategic counsel and advice on media and community relations, while at the same time being the intermediary person between the organization that employs you and the public.

36. Foreign Service Officer

Promote prosperity and peace by ensuring that the interests of this country are protected across the world.

37. Public Administration Consultant

Analyze how a private or public sector entity operates and provide recommendations on possible improvements.

38. Association Executive

Work for a nonprofit organization to make sure it operates in a cost effective manner, by utilizing any association dues and donations in the best way possible.

39. Federal Agent

Take on exciting roles within the federal government, including distribution and management of resources.

40. Civil Servant

Take on any role that enables you to work directly with community members to improve their overall lives.

41. Education Administrator

Provide day to day management services and instructional leadership to any type of educational establishment.

42. Administrative Service Manager

Plan, coordinate, and direct a variety of services, ranging from health care to education, and anything else that can affect the community.

43. Mayor

Hold public office after adding your name to the ballot for mayor. You do need to have an excellent record of leadership with proven results.

44. Public Service Employee Network

Manage the people who are part of the network of public service employees, but outside of human resource responsibilities. Your role is focused less on recruitment and retention, and more on data collection and analysis.

45. War Transition Assistance Office

At present, this role still focuses on the Afghan and Iraq wars, but it is possible that Syria will be added to this. Your role will be to make sure that transitions to peace are completed properly with the help of local communities.

46. Public Administrator in Instability Zones

Most countries that have experienced political or environmental instability require the help of experienced professionals to help them recover. Whether this is in Sierra Leone to recover from the Ebola Virus, Iraq to help recover from war, or Italy to help recover from earthquakes, the role is varied and important.

47. Case Manager

Work on specific cases of disadvantaged individuals to help them access the necessary services to improve their lives.

48. Research Associate

Conduct research through reports, materials, and interviews on various public administration issues, often under the direction of a more experienced MPA.

49. Field Examiner

A job similar to that of the research associate, but one where collecting data within the community itself takes precedence over analyzing the collected data. In fact, the field examiner and the research associate often work together on specific projects.

50. U.S. Secretary

This is perhaps the top job you could get with an MPA, bar being President of the country, but it is within your reach. In fact, many past secretaries of urban development, housing, labor, and health have an MPA degree.

The above 50 awesome things are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of careers in public administration. Public administration is all around us, so it will come as no surprise that there is work everywhere as well. And particular with the recent change in administration, it is likely that there will be some interesting developments in the pipelines.

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