Business Professionals Can Earn Master’s Credit With New IU Executive Degree Programs

Kelley School of Business at Indiana University is expanding its offering of credit-bearing certificate programs for business executives around the world. At the same time, it will continue to offer a high quality educational experience that reflects current marketing needs.

The executive degree programs at Indiana University offer professionals several graduate-level degrees and graduate certificates for credit. Some of the available specialties include business analytics, enterprise resource planning, information technology service management, project management and more.

This new program continues to build on the success of IU in creating dynamic, customized educational offerings for employees around the world. Clients who have participated in these programs in the past include:

  • General Motors
  • Ingersoll-Rand
  • John Deere
  • United Technologies Corp.
  • Cognizant
  • Cummins Engine Co.
  • China International Marine Containers Group

These Executive Degree Programs also collaborate extensively with partner schools abroad, such as Indian Institute of Management-Lucknow, as well as various corporations in India that offer graduate certificates in some key business topics. Also, the Executive Degree Programs is partnering with Sungkyunkwan University in Korea to do a new innovative EMBA program for global executives, which is a good complement to other residential and online graduate degree programs at Kelley. EMBA programs  – particularly no GRE required EMBAs – are becoming more popular than ever for highly experienced business executives.

Dean Idalene Kesner stated recently that the new Executive Degree Programs allow the Kelley School to give students at all levels of their careers with a high quality, graduate education that really makes them more attractive to all types of employers.

She noted that anyone who is serious in business knows that learning should never stop. There always are new business challenges to confront. These Executive Degree Programs allow business professionals to both refresh and expand their education in business in a highly tailored way.

Graduate Certificate Programs Available (No GMAT/GRE Required)

  • Business Analytics Certificate Program
  • Business Management Certificate Program
  • Project Management Certificate Program
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Certificate Program

These Executive Degree programs are set up for students who are not currently enrolled in any of IU’s MBA programs – either residential, part time or online. Input is being sought from the highest levels of senior management at partner companies to make sure that the classes will meet the needs of all students. Whenever it is possible, all students are required to do a Capstone project that will increase their visibility at their company.

It is important to note that the very same faculty who teach in the nationally ranked Kelley Direct Online MBA program. At this time, approximately 800 students are currently enrolled in Executive Degree Programs, but that number will probably increase, due to a planned increase in enrollment in all of the certificate programs.

Some of the greatest interest in the certificate programs is from corporate clients, which has led the school to become aware that a major demand exists on such diverse topics as marketing management, business analytics and enterprise resource planning.

One of the important elements of Executive Degree Programs is that the classes in the certificate program and in the EMBA are going to be combined and intertwined. Based upon performance while doing the classwork for the certificate programs, students might be able to apply credits toward an EMBA, or possibly toward a Master of Science in Information Systems.

Students who are enrolled in the certificate and the EMBA program have to have a bachelor’s degree.