Our Mission: is a graduate education community dedicated to bringing you the latest No GMAT and No GRE programs from schools around the country. Today, many employers value the critical thinking, skills and problem solving that a master's degree education gives people. This is reflected in current statistics: Many job market information companies find that about 20% of current open positions want candidates to have a master’s degree. Universities are responding enthusiastically to this demand by coming up with new types of master’s degree programs, and many of them now delivered online.

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20 Facts About Chamberlain’s Nurse Practitioner Programs

Similar to other health care specialties, when it comes to a career in nursing, gaining a quality post-secondary education is integral to an individual’s ability to maintain accurate knowledge relevant…

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50+ Best Scholarships for Graduate School Students

The financial burden of graduate school is often the primary obstacle between a student and a graduate degree in their field. These scholarships and grants are designed to help lessen…

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25+ Highest Paying Graduate Degrees

The cumulative financial costs associated with earning a graduate degree quickly add up. Your finances may end up in poor shape from constantly paying tuition, buying books and covering living…

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Top 20 Graduate Psychology Programs Online + No GRE

Individuals who pursue higher education in the field of psychology have a wealth of job opportunities open to them upon the completion of their degrees. Information from U.S. News and…

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Guide to Financial Aid for Graduate School

Choosing to go to graduate school is one of the biggest decisions of your life, and if you’ve already gotten in to a school you’re happy about, congratulations are in…

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Top 10 Tips for Applying to Grad School

If you are considering graduate school, then first of all: Congratulations! Just thinking about propelling your education, career and life to a higher level is a brave, bold step to…

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Strong Growth in Employment Anticipated for Those With Graduate Degrees

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported recently that professionals with graduate degrees will be more in demand in the next few years. These findings are part of the BLS’…

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Is a Master’s Degree Worth It? This Expert Says ‘Yes!’

In the US and all around the globe, many people are weighing the costs and benefits of getting a master’s degree. After the Great Recession, concerns about employability, ROI and…

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Searching for Grad School Money is Half the Battle

When it comes to choosing a graduate school to complete your education, finding sources of funding is critical to maximizing your potential, according to US News and World Report. For…

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